FITRUB mounting clamp 22-31 mm


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FITRUB mounting clamp 22-31 mm

FITRUB mounting clamp 22-31 mm

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FITRUB mounting clamp


FITRUB rubber clamps are used for easy and quick mounting of oval-shaped (or similar) objects to fixed surfaces in order to store or protect them. You can use the clamps to mount e.g. fishing rods, shackles, ropes, steel ladders, axes, flashlights, garden tools, wires, tubes, jacks, fire extinguishers etc.

You can use FITRUB clamps to mount everything that should be secured and at the same time easy to remove.

Examples of fields of application: offroad, sailing, special forces, households, industry. The rubber-derived material fully retains its properties both in hot and cold environments.

It is mounted with clamping bands or with screw which should be located at the centre of the clamp.

Product features:

-          Easy mounting
Quick mounting
Secure mounting
-          Aesthetically made

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Rubber-derived material resistant to sea water and UV radiation.

22-31 mm

10kg of static load

Clamp – 2 pcs
Clamping bands – 4 pcs
Mounting pad - 2 pcs

The price for wholesale receivers is set individually.


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