FITRUB clamps allow you to access the accessories you need in a split second.

FITRUB rubber clamps are used for easy and quick mounting and removal of oval-shaped (or similar) objects to fixed surfaces.

The material that FITRUB clamps are made of is UV resistant (material degradation under the influence of sunlight). It retains its flexibility in temperature range from -40oC to +110oC. It is resistant to many chemical agents e.g. gasoline, sea water. 

FITRUB works well in harsh weather conditions. 

Examples of fields of application: offroad, sailing, border service, fire brigade, police, logistics, households, industry, etc.

Examples of objects mounted with clamps: ropes, axes, garden tools, weapon, steel ladders, shackles, jacks, fishing rods, wires, tubes, etc.

You can mount the clamp in different ways e.g. using cable ties or screw.

Retail Sales and Distribution:

Joanna Kałucka - Account Manager
Tel: +48 14 655 36 35 
Mob: +48 606 125 015






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A short review of FITRUB clamps shot before the next trip of Tomasz Kudełka from ATV BIESZCZADY. Tens of thousands of kilometers spent on a quad. Organizer of hundreds of expeditions. Authority of experience and "catlike" quad riding technique.

Video showing examples of aplication and mounting. 

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